2017: TRUE GRIT by Charles Portis

TRUE GRIT by Charles Portis

Waukesha Reads featured True Grit, one of the great American Western novels, as our 2017 NEA Big Read title. True Grit by Charles Portis was published in 1968 and tells the story of a woman named Mattie Ross, who recounts the time when she was a young girl and sought retribution for the murder of her father. The rousing adventure story inspired two award-winning films, but on the page, readers will discover the rich  humor, inventive prose, and compelling characters that have made the book a masterpiece of American storytelling.

Waukesha Reads: 2017 Flash Fiction Contest Winners


Winner: Leah Wanner “The Orchard”, Waukesha, WI

Runner Up: Becky Thomas “Morning”, Waukesha, WI


Winner: Rubens Medina “Incorruptible”, Waukesha North High School, 12th grade

Runner Up: Austin Ryerson-Brunet “Untitled”, Waukesha North High School, 12th grade


Winner: Jack Howard “The Journal of Peter Naries”, Horning Middle School, 8th grade

Runner Up: Autumn Lee “The Second Chance”, Wisconsin Hills Middle School, 8th grade

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